EB Associates (Global) LTD has extensive experience working with, Fixed Earth stations from all of the major manufacturers in all of the Major Frequency Bands. Applications include:

  • Contribution - Broadcast
  • Distribution – Broadcast
  • Governmental
  • Civil Defence
  • Deep Space Telescope

For all applications we engage sound planning at the start of a project ensuring that we stay on plan and budget and avoid all but the most obscure surprises.
Typically installations follow a comprehensive plan as follows:

  • We agree with you a detailed installation program and key deliverables.
  • We provide a comprehensive Project Plan with Key Milestones for regular review
  • Optionally we can work with your Civil Engineers to inspect and provide guidance for the Concrete Plinth.
  • We complete Mechanical Assembly, including procurement of any necessary construction equipment, typically Cranes, Specialised Fork Trucks, Man Lift platforms.
  • Where required we can carry out Photogrammery Surveys and optimal adjustment
  • We install all necessary site cabling and test for full function and stability. We test against manufacturer’s specification and in the customers anticipated environment.
  • We complete approvals with your chosen Satellite Operator,
  • Finally we can, where requested, provide local maintenance and first line fault finding training to local staff to ensure avoidance of & fast rectification of most issues.
    Using this professional approach we have many successful installations around the globe and would be please to explain further how EB Associates can ensure the success of your projects.